Monday, August 27, 2012

Clearly this getting settled business is a full-time business for now.

The bad news? Getting settled in NY, (the new digs and the new gig), is proving to be far more time-consuming and complicated than I anticipated. The good news? We love the apartment and my job is amazing.

But, to bring anyone still reading up-to-speed... let's start with the nightmare that was the cross-country trek:

Moving two people, two puppies, critical computer equipment, and the basic necessities across the entire country in a tiny two door Honda CR-Z is by no means a picnic. My advice to you all: Don't ever attempt this... ever.

What we were hoping would take three days took five. Add to that a lightning/thunderstorm/torrential downpour at night in the Colorado Rockies - a pup who had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the country and cut off his own air supply turning his tongue blue, thus scaring the hell out of his frantic puppy-mommy who was doing her best to hold it together, muggy disgusting humidity for virtually 90% of the trip, an inability to actually enjoy any of the cities we passed through because we had pups in tow, eating fast food for 5 whole days and feeling repulsive -and driving to our new home in Brooklyn - that we had not yet seen in-person, hoping that we weren't sold on a complete disaster.

It was a lot - especially following selling a car, packing up an apartment, finding a NYC broker/apartment, finishing up two weeks at my now former place of employment, selling furniture, finding a mover and about a million other little things. Needless to say, it's been a hectic coupla months.

To boot, our movers finally arrived - and guess what?!?!? They managed to LOSE furniture and other belongings - including irreplaceable antiques and artwork. I think it's virtually amazing that I myself have not yet had a total nervous breakdown.

BUT... thing is, I am so madly in love with NY that I am completely beside myself. I know this was absolutely the right move. The job is fantastic, the apartment is fantastic - and despite some hiccups, we're doing great.

Now if only I could find more hours in the day - because quite honestly, I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to carry on this blogging business.

Only time will tell.

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  1. "Lose." Did you offer to pay them extra to "find" your stuff?