Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A New York State of Mind

It has been quite a week!

Looks like we're moving to NYC, and this came as a bit of a surprise... a very, very welcome surprise - but a surprise nevertheless. We are beyond excited... like over the moon... but we've had to act very quickly. We need to get ourselves, our pups and some of our stuff moved to the other side of the continent in less than four weeks.

And is anyone aware of just how hard it is to find a place in NYC in the summer? Trust me when I tell you, it's bad enough to try to rent in NYC in general, but the summer seems to be brutal.


1. Give notice to current landlord (Check).
2. Hire broker, find an apartment in NY that isn't a shoebox. (Check... well, first half anyway. Second half pending).
3. Sell virtually every piece of furniture (In the works).
4. Pare down everything. If you haven't used it in a year or more, it goes. (In the works).
5. Sell car (Slated for this weekend).
6. Find a mover that won't totally screw us over (Check).
7. Take deep breaths (As soon as I'm done writing this).
8. And finally, somewhat reluctantly, put baby-making on hold for a bit, until the dust settles.

That last one is intense, given our circumstances, I know.

But here's the thing...

We've been trying - and it hasn't worked out yet.

And this DREAM JOB came along... and it will literally make our lives SO MUCH EASIER, and therefore better for a potential baby, so it's all good.

That said, we're still planning to kid, but this has messed with our odds a bit. We are very much aware that it's a bit of a gamble, which is why if we are unable to procreate ourselves, we are just as excited to potentially adopt.

And once we get around to kidding, I hope to make it look as easy as SJP here, even though I know I'll fail dismally.

Hopefully I'll still rock my lipstick and heels - but the heels might have to come down an inch or two.

Of course, this also raises the question of what it will be like to raise a NY baby. This thrills and scares the living bejeezus out of me.


  1. whatever is happening is god's will. in my humble opinion. i'm happy for you guys.

  2. It has been done several thousand times before, and it can be done again..with that special flair and style, to boot. :D

  3. Thanks Simone and Miss W! I know I will be able to make it all work. In fact, I'm incredibly super excited, and we managed to find an apartment that will actually work with a baby. Unreal.

  4. Wow, congrats!!! So exciting!

  5. Wow! So exciting!!!

    Take it from me, someone who moved across the country to find my home, you can do this!!