Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've been unfriended! How many more people can I alienate with this blog?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I was "unfriended" by the woman who inspired this post:


I'm wondering how polarizing this blog really is, and why. Again, what is wrong with doubt and asking a few questions? As a refresher for those of you that are new here, I DID want kids. In fact, I would've bet the farm that I would've been a young mother, but one day, my opinion changed. It's as if everything that said, "HAVE A BABY... HAVE A BABY NOW!!!" just went away.

Does that mean I shouldn't question why... or whether or not the feeling might come back? Because the thing is, it has to some extent. The only difference is that now the feeling exists with some doubt and some questions - and so what?

Why is it that people feel that you absolutely have to know one way or the other? I have a feeling that fate/time/circumstances will be the deciding factors ultimately.

I'd love to include the original email that inspired the post herein, but because I'm not an asshole, I'm not going to because I was asked by said emailer not to. Let's just say that the email basically implied that because I'm blogging extensively about the subject and have so much doubt, that I shouldn't do it. She acknowledged that it was "weird" coming from her being 5 months pregnant, seeing as how she's, "...ecstatic and all," but really.

Which leads me back to this post:


Okay, I'm sort-of an asshole.


  1. leigh,

    i have 3 kids and i am still uncertain if i want them. HAHA. seriously, it's not strange at all. i didn't want kids; some higher power decided that was my destiny and i have been the best parent i can be. not to mention, i love those motherbleepers more than my collection of designer handbags and stiletto heels!

    it's ok to have doubt and it is ok to question. i think any responsible, mature adult needs to ask "why"? before moving forward with such a huge life altering decision. sometimes, one has to think about it, investigate, others just do it. not all humans are the same and i admire your quest to get to know yourself, your relationship and how this will ultimately affect your lives. however, keep in mind, even after you have decided, one still never knows.

    all the best.

    ps. to the person who unfriended you, she may return. being pregnant is one stage where your hormones and joy are at its peak. once that little bugger is here, perception and understanding change and kick in.

  2. Thanks! I really liked her too, which is what made it a bit of a bummer, especially because I could not, for the life of me, figure out what on earth I could've possibly said that would've sent her over the edge like that. Oh well.