Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Puppies Part 3 of ???

I wish I still had the email exchange between the other guy and I, because he was to become my husband, and our daddy to Otto and Anna.

Anyway, I don't. If I recall correctly, my email to him went something like this:

Hey John - are you still single?

I'm sure there was more to it than that, but I was about the meet the love of my life. Funny how that works when you're not really actively looking for it anymore.

It went something like this:

John invited me to his place, (not inside mind you), but just out front so that we could walk over to a cute little Italian restaurant he had selected for our first date. He immediately earned points for a variety of factors: 1. Italian food 2. Outdoor seating with little white lights 3. Chivalry

We sat outside next to a fountain - and everything about the date was absolutely perfect. We couldn't shut up and the conversation lasted for hours on end. When we walked back to his place, he asked if I wanted to come in - and I remember him saying it was not for that reason. Perhaps I was completely out of my mind - I mean, this guy could've been a serial killer after all - but something told me otherwise, and I followed him into his apartment. (I hope my parents aren't reading this).

Anyway, that's where John showed me his R2D2 costume. He figured that if anything would scare me away, that would - and he wanted to get it over and done with so that he wouldn't be heartbroken down the line if he hid it away for too long.

It was really cute. He then walked me to my car, kissed me on the cheek and asked me out on a second date. I said yes.

Second date was at my place - well, it started at Pete's, the restaurant in my building and the one that would become our go to for dates on a regular basis. I should mention that the second date was preceded by numerous hours of phone conversation. John and I were already pretty much in love by the time our second date started - though I don't know how aware we were just yet...

After dinner, I invited him up to my place to meet Otto Potato.

Otto had met other friends, men and people in general and truly seemed to like them all, but his reaction to John was quite different. He was practically glued to John's lap from the moment we sat down. I couldn't help thinking I should trust my pup's instincts. He had essentially chosen his dad. (Not that I hadn't already chosen him too).

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