Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adoption Age Restrictions

So, I was having a lovely lunch with my fabulous editor-friend Kelly Cook yesterday, (check out her 'Snob' sites...,, and all the others), and then she drops a bombshell on me that I was COMPLETELY unaware of.

Various countries have age restrictions on adoption. For example, China's age restriction is now 38 for BOTH parents! 38... which means John is officially too "old" as he'll be 40 in August.

WHAT?!? It's absurd. I mean, I guess you have to draw the line somewhere... but 38 is a bit extreme, right?

Anyway, the reason I'm kind-of freaking out is because John and I liked the idea of possibly adopting a little girl from China, (since we both really seem to only want girls - and because we're nowhere near ready for kids just yet). That said, of course there are other countries to look at, but I guess I need to get 'schooled' on what the restrictions are in countries we'd be interested in possibly adopting from if we go that route.

Anyway - the news led me to Google, (not really a Jewgle in this case - just a standard Googling practice of plain, old-fashioned research), and I came across a site - and found the following list:

• Azerbaijan: no age restrictions
• Belarus: minimum +16 over child, no maximum
• Bulgaria: minimum over 25, no maximum
• Cambodia: under 55
• Columbia: minimum over 25, no maximum
• Ecuador: minimum over 25, no maximum
• Ethiopia: minimum over 25, no maximum
• Georgia: minimum over 25, no maximum
• Guatemala: minimum over 25, no maximum (Although I have also heard there is no max limit, so the information seems to be inconsistent.)
• Haiti: minimum over 35, no maximum
• India: between 28 and 40
• Kazakhstan: no age restrictions
• Latvia: no age restrictions
• Liberia: no age restrictions
• Mexico: minimum over 25, no maximum
• Moldova: between 25 and 50
• Nepal: between 25 and 55
• Peru: under 55
• Philippines: minimum over 27, no maximum
• Poland: under 44
• Russia: no age restrictions
• Korea: 25 to 44
• Taiwan: no maximum restriction
• Thailand: no more than 40 years older than the child
• Ukraine: no maximum restriction
• Vietnam: no maximum restriction

Not really sure just how accurate this list is... but I guess it's a good thing that I'm writing this blog - or I'd be oblivious to the fact that not only are there stringent age restrictions for some countries, but there are a slew of other restrictions as well - everything from weight/BMI to income, etc. I knew adoption wasn't easy but the age restriction thing threw me for a bit of a loop.

Of course, we haven't ruled out adopting domestically either... but let's just say we have our reservations about it for a wide variety of reasons...

Okay - enjoy the cute pic.


  1. Ok first of all, that picture is deliciously cute. Second of all, how can China have such a lame restriction, especially when majority of the kids in their orphanages are little girls who've been abandoned!? Sad. I say who cares what age people choose to have kids or adopt -- as long as they are going to provide them a loving and caring home, how can you turn anyone away?

    You've got me thinking about where I'd adopt a child from... maybe Armenia since my parents are from there? Wonder if there's age restrictions there... guess I better start crackin'. I'm sure it'll be an easier time than the one I've been having trying to find a man! Hah, I kill me.... no but serious, any takers? :D

    Great blog, keep up the good work chicka

  2. Hey Natalie -

    Thanks for the post! I agree. I don't get the age restriction thing so long as you're not elderly - and like you said - these children need homes... what is a few years really going to change?

    I'll email you about the other subject elsewhere...

    Trying to get you photos of the place by the way.